What you will learn ...

  • Texture

    Techniques for creating incredible texture in your alcohol ink blooms by using heat or incorporating other media.

  • Color Transition

    How to drop alcohol ink in a way that allows for specific transition of colors ... using canned air or an airbrush to blow the ink.

  • Detailed Centers

    Create detailed, intricate, and very dimensional centers for realistic looking Sunflowers.


  • 1


  • 2

    Bouquet with Ranger Pearls

    • Bouquet with Ranger Pearls

  • 3

    Using Heat Tool on Tile

    • Frilly Petals Using Heat Tool on Tile

  • 4

    Color Blending Techniques

    • Iris

    • Pansy

    • Clematis

  • 5

    Multi-colored Bloom with Loose Center

    • Multi-colored "loose" Bloom (using T-Rex inks)

  • 6

    Using Acrylic Ink to add texture

    • Blue Bloom with Texture

    • Enhancing Old Painting with Acrylic Ink

    • Fine Lines in Petals

  • 7


    • Part 1 - Creating the Petals

    • Part 2 - Creating the Center

  • 8

    Stenciled Backgrounds

    • Stenciled background on Yupo

    • Stenciled background on black glossy cardstock

  • 9

    Sealing Your Work

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Previous Alcohol Ink Experience Recommended

This course builds upon techniques taught in my Alcohol Ink Blooms Level 1 class. You should have a good working knowledge of blowing petals with canned air, an airbrush or other tool (either through my online classes, in-person workshops, or your own personal experience). Those techniques will not be covered in detail in this class. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.