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Alcohol Ink Blooms was awesome!

Laurel A.

Everything was explained so precisely and one step at a time. And of course, you can review it over and over if needed. I'd give Alcohol Ink Blooms the highest rating possible!!

Review of Kimberly’s alcohol ink bloom.

Catherine B.

Kimberly is an awesome instructor. Her talent and the way she teaches you to manipulate that can of air and those inks is incredible. I would definitely recommend anyone interested in this medium take this class. She is definitely Queen of the Blooms.

Flowers Centers

Mary A.

I love your centers and learned so much from watching your videos. I love the ones that I have done in your lessons. You have given me the tools to produce some favorite flowers that I have wanted paint. I'll be sure to post when I have finished them.

Great New Skill

Laura T.

I absolutely love the stunning blooms you can create with alcohol inks and Kimberly teaches this skill in a very clear, simple way. It definitely takes practice to achieve great results a high percentage of the time, but you will gain the knowledge you need from this class. The number of different skills taught is a bonus. I would have been happy to have this course as a reference item when I feel stuck on my blooms, but Kimberly also covers the beautiful dimensional centers and other flower types both on yupo and glossy black card stock. I will return to this course many times to remind myself about applying these techniques. Thank you so much Kimberly.


Stacey G.

Such a great class, I am so glad that I found Kimberly"s class. I learnt so much and am having so much fun trying her techniques. Everyone should do this class.

Great Title as it is all about Blooms

Margo M.

Great job communicating each step of her process as well as encouraging students to work with what they are comfortable with and to try different ways.


Linda K.

Loved the pace and just the right amount of detail. Great for beginners and intermediates. Loved the bloopers at the end.

Alcohol Ink Blooms

Deborah J.

I love this tutorial! It was easy to follow and easy to understand. I haven't had much experience yet with alcohol ink but this encouraged me to try more. I'm so excited to use the tips that Kimberly has shared.

Excellent course content and ongoing support.

Debra J.

Kimberly delivers a clear, concise and detailed course full of relevant content. Kimberly continues to offer advice and support in the student Facebook group. Looking forward to more courses from her.

Great course!

Deanna D.

This was a very simple to follow course. The videos ran easily and the demos were clear and explained well. I learned quite a bit and the videos helped clarify some concepts I had read about previously. Very well done.